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Turning up the temperature

My grandmother lives with my family. She’s about eighty-three years old. She is very bossy and loud. I guess that happens with age. She likes things done in a special way. I know when you get older you also get colder. When it gets warm the air conditioner goes on. My husband decided we are going to add an apartment on to our house. It has a small kitchen, dining room and a small bedroom. We called our HVAC contractor for advice on how we should cool and heat the apartment. He suggested a small central heat and air conditioning system. So that’s what we did. I don’t think she’ll ever use the a/c. At least she has her own space now. My grandmother did fine for about two months. We got a call about 4:00 a.m. Her apartment was cold and she couldn’t get the heat to work. My husband went to see if he could help. The breaker had flipped. The next day we called our HVAC contractor again. He checked everything out and said the thermostat was turned up so high it caused the breaker to flip. Again we showed our grandmother how to work the thermostat. My husband went to the hardware store and purchased a thermometer to put by her bed. We used a red marker to draw a line on it to show how hot her room was suppose to be. And if it gets hotter than that call us.It’s been about four months and everything seems to be going good. We were worried grandmother would have to move back in.

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A/C products in the dog kennel

I write articles as a sideline business. I get very tired of writing little articles. But I continue to do it. I am saving up the money I make to go on a nice vacation and to save up a down payment on a house. Those are my two goals. I am having my vacation next month. I will be going to the Caribbean. I am so looking forward to it. I am a bit worried about leaving my dog behind though. She is going to a pet resort. It is really just a glorified kennel. I went to see it the other day. The best thing about this pet resort is definitely the air conditioning. The dogs get to play outside a long time each day. They also get to come back to their kennels and rest. While they are resting, they are enjoying music, TV, and air conditioning. I like the air conditioning part. My dog has a lot of thick hair. She is a border collie. We live in the south so she needs air conditioning. I know it sounds like she is spoiled. Maybe she is but I am still happier about the air conditioning. Knowing she will be living as close to possible as she does at home, including with the A/C, makes me feel a little better about leaving her. She might get heat stroke if she doesn’t have air conditioning. I think the people that run the kennel are smart to have the A/C installed out where the dogs live.

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This air conditioning offers a nice breeze

My friend’s grandfather was a steel mill worker in Pennsylvania. For those of you who may not know, Pennsylvania was known as the steel capital of the world. The company called US Steel was housed there. Only the strongest men worked in the steel mills. It was hard, grinding, hot, sweaty work. So when the final bell rang at 6:00 p.m. each workday, the sweaty men headed over to Daisy’s Place. Daisy’s Place was a little dive bar with oysters and air conditioning. The HVAC system was as strong as the backs of the steel millers. Miller beer was named after the steel mill workers – millers. Anyway, Daisy was a young woman who was not pretty. She did not draw in the men because of her looks. It was not Daisy the men wanted. It was her air conditioner. Some of the men would go out back to the outdoor sink and wash up. Then they would buy a beer or two for their friends and they would all shoot the breeze in the cool blustery air conditioning. Everyone smoked back then, and the HVAC helped cut down on the smoke in the room. When the guys went home, they were always a bit happier because they got to enjoy a cold one, friendship, and air conditioning. Most of the wives appreciated Daisy and her HVAC system. One wife, though, disliked her husband getting his air conditioning elsewhere. She saved her grocery money and bought a window A/C unit so her husband would come home earlier.

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Soaking in the air conditioning

There once was a young named Kathy. She lived in a small town in the south. That was back when the south was full of tiny towns. She was bored out of her mind. Then one day she walked into Gentleman Jim’s, a bar on the main road. It was smoky, jazzy, and cool from air conditioning. Outside was hot and dull. Soon Kathy became a regular at the bar. She loved eating the peanuts and soaking up the free air conditioning. Not all places had air conditioning back in those days. Bobby B was a songwriter from Nashville. He saw her there at Jim’s all the time. He tried to pick her up and take her home. Kathy would not go. He asked her why not and she told him she preferred to stay at the bar and eat peanuts and soak up the no-cost air conditioning. Bobby B kept trying but Kathy kept choosing air conditioning and peanuts over an apartment with no air conditioning. One day after about six months of trying, Bobby B begged Kathy to leave the air conditioning and come out to his car with him. She reluctantly agreed. There in the back seat was a window air conditioner. Bobby B was on his way to put the A/C unit in his bedroom window. Kathy told him that once he got the A/C install done to come back and get her. Bobby B and Kathy were married a year later and now they have four kids.

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Saving money is pretty easy

I had made it my goal to save energy in my home. I had noticed that my energy and HVAC bills were very high, and I thought that this was due to the inefficient way we must have been using our heating and cooling system. Knowing this, and also knowing that our current habits were not only bad for our HVAC bills, but were also bad for the environment and energy usage in general, I sought out to find a better way to use our HVAC system. After a great amount of research, I found that the best way to go about curbing our energy usage and save money on our heating and cooling bill at the same time was via a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat was an expensive unit, but it traded its high cost with the ability to have a greater, more granular control over the components of the HVAC system, and the promise that it would pay for itself many times over with the amount of money it would save us every month on our heating and cooling bill. Immediately after I installed it, I noticed that my HVAC system was behaving differently. The thermostat would dynamically adjust the temperature and settings, and it made for an interesting experience without sacrificing our comfort in our own home. At the end of the month, I was very curious to see what our new smart thermostat would be saving us per month. When I actually saw the heating and cooling bill that came in the mail, my jaw about dropped. At the rate it was going, the unit would be paying for itself within five or six months!

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Saving a little bit of cash

I find in my home that our HVAC unit can be the most expensive month-to-month appliance from the energy bill alone. When I realized this, that got me thinking. Are there ways to reduce the cost of energy from our HVAC unit? How might we go about doing this, if we were serious about our budget and saving up. There had to be ways to reduce the energy usage of our heating and cooling system. After a good amount of research, I found several online resources that offered varying solutions to my HVAC conundrum. First, I found an online calculator that, given a number of inputs from your own budget and heating and cooling bill, found out how much energy was being used by specific components of your HVAC system. This was highly enlightening, but as my thermostat only allowed me to change the settings of the heat and set the temperature to varying degrees, this did not help me much. I thought that if I had the right kind of thermostat, this might help me, as I might have a more granular control over the goings on of my HVAC system. Alas, I only had the ability to set the temperature. Little did I know that I was on the right track with that though. It was then that I found the resource that detailed the settings of a new smart thermostat, and what the smart thermostat could automate in regard to my HVAC system. Though the unit was fairly expensive, it said that the money it saved in the energy bill would pay for the unit several times over. That was good enough for me!

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Tons of air conditioning at vets

A few months ago, I adopted a dog from my local dog shelter. She just so happens to be some sort of mix between a beagle and a basset hound. She can be a fun-loving dog with a spunky personality in addition to a great attitude. She loves learning new things and we now have discovered that chicken is her favorite treat. I knew she was not feeling right one day when she failed to wake me up by leaping on my bed furniture. I was nervous about her overall health, so I went ahead and made an appointment with our local vet. When I took my new dog to the veterinarian’s office, we first checked in at the reception desk. We waited for just some minutes before a nice employee led us to an exam room. We ended up waiting in that exam room for at the very least ten minutes, much to my dismay. The air conditioning in that vet’s office was rather crazy, as well. First of all, in my personal opinion, the cooling system was just a little bit too overzealous. The air conditioner was turned up too high, but maybe that was something that made the animals more comfortable. I just know that I was shivering from the air conditioning, and I was wearing a heavy jacket. My poor pet dog was freezing, as well. On the plus side, we only had to wait out the duration of those ten minutes in the tiny exam room before the doctor came and examined this poor dog. She said that the dog was suffering from a minor dietary concern. We were out of that air conditioning rapidly. My dog felt better in a couple of days!

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Surprises for a former renter

I never thought that I would see the day when I would be the owner of a home. Sure, the day came a little later than it does for other people, but at the age of fifty-five, I can now say that I am the proud owner of a house. More so than that, I can say that I own all the things in this house, including the heating and cooling unit. When I rented apartments, I always felt like nothing was really mine. The landlord owned all the things in the house whenever I rented, it seemed, and I was afraid to put posters up on the walls, I was afraid to move any furniture or do anything that would damage the floors. I was even afraid to use the HVAC unit and the thermostat that the landlord provided. None of these things felt like they were mine when I rented apartments, so I was always apprehensive when it came time to use them. Especially for the HVAC unit, I was afraid that something that I would do would break or destroy the heating and cooling system. I was deathly afraid that no one who used the apartment after I did would be able to use the thermostat, adjust the heat, or even use the air conditioning during the hot summers. Then, the landlord would pin the rightful blame on me, and I would have money taken out of my security deposit and be forced to pay for repairs. Now, even though I am still responsible for repairs, I can safely say that I own the HVAC unit, I own the building, I even own the thermostat. I no longer have to be afraid of using anything!

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HVAC is on

When I was a child, my entire family moved to a new region of the country. To this day, my family lives in this region, and I still do not understand why. The location is not near the ocean or the mountains, the neighborhood every one of us live in isn’t amazing, our jobs aren’t fantastic, plus the weather is the worst. It’s seriously the worst of both worlds; freezingly cold, windy, plus dry during the short Winter plus hot, sticky, plus dry while in the summertime. Both of us barely get Spring or fall seasons at all, so there’s little relief from the continual beating every one of us acquire from the outdoors. This is especially apparent in our utility bills. Every single week they are sky high, unless every one of us happens to experience a few weeks of comfortable conditions. Since it’s consistently uncomfortable, my family has to be constantly running our Heating plus Air Conditioning system, and either the furnace or a/c equipment are pretty much continually in use. Trying to get by without heat would obviously be dangerous, however it gets so tepid that neglecting to utilize a/c can be equally perilous while we are in a heat wave. The homes in the region are left with no choice, so they’re owned by the electric dealer. I genuinely wish every one of us could just go to a different temperature, one that allows opening your windows for more than 4 weeks every year plus saving money rather than wasting it on basic Heating plus Air Conditioning use. I hate to leave my family, but the first chance I get, I am leaving this area.

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HVAC running all day long

To this day, I find it hard to understand why my family made the decision to move to this area of the country. There are no benefits to this region.  Our family does not live near the ocean or the mountains, the city the two of us live in isn’t amazing, our jobs aren’t fantastic, plus the weather is horrendous. It’s seriously the worst of both worlds; frigidly cold, windy, plus dry while in the Winter season plus hot, sticky, and rainy during the Summer. The region barely gets Springtime or fall seasons at all, so there’s little relief from the continual beating the region receives from the outdoors. This is especially apparent in our energy bills. Every single week they are sky high, unless the two of us happen to experience a few weeks of comfortable conditions. Since it’s always uncomfortable, the our family always has to be running our Heating plus Air Conditioning system, either the furnace or air conditioner machine are pretty much continually in use. Trying to get by without heat would obviously be dangerous, however it gets so moderate that neglecting to utilize air conditioner can be equally perilous while we are in a heat wave. The homes in the region have no choice but to run our HVAC, so we’re owned by the electric business. I truly wish the family could transfer to a different temperature, 1 that allows opening your windows for more than 4 weeks every year plus saving money rather than wasting it on basic Heating plus Air Conditioning use. I’m embarrassed at how reliant my family and I are on environmentally dangerous practices, such as powering window ACs all day plus night. I swear that with the first chance I get, I am going to move away.

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