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Is it time for that upgrade

My brother recently decided that he wanted to do a bit of remodeling at his house. It is true that it is a bit outdated, so it makes sense to make it more comfortable. He has only two bedrooms in his house and is considering adding a third bedroom. He is also thinking about replacing his current heating and cooling system. I think he can really only afford to do one or the other so he has to make a choice. It is true that three bedroom homes do tend to sell better than those with only two bedrooms. But then again, the HVAC unit is important, too. I guess it can be a bit of a conundrum but if it were up to me, I would update the air conditioning. People are interested in being good for the environment, so I would get a modern air conditioning system that allows for HVAC zone control and that also offers controls through a smartphone. One time, my cousin added on a bedroom right before he went to sell his house, and it really didn’t add that much value. Many of the buyers who looked at his home were retirees with no kids in the house and really just wanted two bedrooms. Isn’t that ironic? There are always buyers who prefer a smaller house and other buyers who want a bigger home. Absolutely everyone, though, wants a great HVAC system to keep them cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. A new HVAC unit is the way to go.

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The air conditioning in my school

When I decided to move down south to go to college, I was very excited for the change.  I was looking forward to having warm weather year round, unlike my hometown up north.  I could not wait to post photos of the beach when my friends had several feet of snow outside their windows.  But something that I did not take into consideration was just how hot it is down south during the late summer and early fall seasons.  When I moved into my dorm, it was over 100 degrees outside.  Thankfully my dormitory’s air conditioning system was working just fine, producing a cool breeze.  However, on the first day of classes, I got up early to get ready.  I wanted to make a good impression in all of my classes, with both the professors and other students.  The moment I stepped outside I began to sweat profusely.  My hair started to frizz, erasing all of the hard work I had just done on it.  I had to walk all the way across campus for my first class and it felt like miles away.  By the time I arrived at the building, I was a complete mess.  I was really looking forward to the air conditioning inside the said building.  But to my surprise, this building’s air conditioning system was under maintenance and not currently working.  I headed into the nearest bathroom to clean myself up.  I was second guessing myself for moving down south now.  This heat was much worse than I had expected it to be.

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The HVAC system in our factory

There are many aspects of my job that I enjoy.  First off, I really like my co-workers.  They are a great group of people and we all work well together.  This is really important because we work on an assembly line and rely on one another to get the job done.  I also really respect my supervisor.  He is a stand-up guy that always asks his employees what they think about certain issues within the factory before making a decision.  One of the best parts of the job is the wage that I make.  I work on the third shift, so I make a higher wage than those employees on first shift.  I do not mind working midnights because it gives me time to do things during the day.  However, I really cannot stand the temperature inside the factory where I am employed.  The HVAC system is always blasting hot air, whether it is cold or warm outside.  This is really great during the winter season when it is snowing and blowing.  But during those scorching hot summer months, the factory’s HVAC system should not be producing heat!  I was told when I started the job many moons ago, that the HVAC system is always on a high setting because of the materials that we are handling within the factory.  They are very sensitive to cold temperatures.  I have gotten used to the factory’s heating system over the years, but I still desire a work environment that would not be so darn hot during half of the year.  

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Stale air

My wife and I took a weekend getaway to a small village on the coast.  We do not get to spend much time together, so this allowed us to have some quality time with one another.  My wife loves doing touristy things, so I put up with them for her sake.  I booked a motel room near the small town, so we could walk and not have to worry about driving.  The weather was very warm that particular weekend, but the forecast showed no rain.  When we arrived at the motel, we checked in and put our things in our room.  The room itself was fine, but it had a terrible, stale smell to it.  My wife instantly expressed her disinterest toward the smell.  I thought that it was just the remaining smell from the previous occupant, so I turned on the room’s air conditioning unit, hoping it would air out the room and eliminate the stinky smell.  I told my wife to give the room some time to adjust, so we headed out for lunch.  She did not want to sleep in the room if the smell remained, but I hoped that it would be gone once the air conditioning system was running for a bit.  About three hours later, after we had lunch and did some shopping, we returned to the motel to get ready for our dinner excursion.  Our room smelled much better, thanks to the air conditioning system that was in the window of the motel room!  I was very glad that we would not have to move rooms.

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My HVAC unit locked me out

A few days ago, my fiancé and I noticed our HVAC unit flashing red light at us. We were confused and a bit worried, as we had never seen this before. We called our local HVAC service to ask what this might mean. We were informed that this flashing red light was actually the emergency heat light. Since our HVAC unit was not in emergency heat mode, the emergency heat light was indicating that there was a problem. The problem sent a signal to the thermostat, which then engaged the light and shut the HVAC unit down. Now, my fiancé and I had not noticed a difference in terms of the indoor unit. Our indoor unit had just kept running. Apparently, the outdoor and indoor HVAC units had not been communicating very well. We were glad we had noticed the emergency heat light! We tried the outdoor reset button to see if that would solve the problem. We also made sure we checked for a tripped breaker. Unfortunately, neither of those potential solutions worked, so we called our HVAC company again to schedule a service call. We were not excited about the fees involved with the call, but it was good to have an experienced HVAC technician arrive to inspect the outdoor unit and assess the damage. It was a relief to have an expert handle the issue and diagnose the problem. I am just glad that our outdoor HVAC unit was smart enough to let us know that there was an issue! Otherwise, we would have been none the wiser until our next utility bill. heating-system

The outdoor HVAC system is making weird noises

I am a great fan of the heat pump. I think heat pumps are not only energy efficient, but also environmentally friendly. I have loved my heat pump ever since I made that first investment. I am very used to my heat pump making unusual noises at times. I understand that as the valves shift and the heat pump changes modes, there is often a “whoosh” sound. Additionally, I know that the compressor makes a noise when the system goes into defrost. My unit’s solenoid coil makes a buzzing sound that I can hear when I am nearer to the heat pump. I am used to this. I am also accustomed to the weird sounds that occur when the heat pump shuts off or starts up again. The other day, however, I was hard at work in my home office. The office is located near to my heat pump. All of a sudden, I started hearing an incredibly loud sound, almost like something was hitting a part of my heat pump repeatedly. Alarmed, I shut the heat pump off and took a look at it. To my surprise, a branch had somehow gotten inside the unit and was stuck between the fan blades. Since I had shut the heat pump off, I was able to safely remove the tree branch and assess the damage. It did not appear that any fan blades had been bent or damaged, thankfully. I would not have wanted to have a repair bill to deal with! I turned the heat pump back on and was relieved to hear the normal noises activate once again!

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I am anxious for school to start

I spent my whole childhood living in a Southern state where even in the Winter season it wasn’t really cold.  When I was ten years old, I remember my family moved into a new house.  The air conditioner in the house didn’t work for almost a month.  Since my family had huge expenses from the move, we didn’t  have the money to get the cooling equipment fixed.  The outside temperature was in the nineties  almost every afternoon that month.  I started middle school not to long after my family moved in.  I was eager to be able to go someplace with a working air conditioner for most of the afternoons. I can remember coming home from school everyday, in the heat, and my mom would have all the windows open.  I know she thought that , this would make the house feel much  cooler, but it definitely did not. I was just happy once our dad was able to afford to have the air conditioner fixed.  With the cooler temperature, I was finally able to sleep through the night again. I never fully appreciated the air conditioning until the HVAC technician came, completed repairs, and were able to start up the system again. Shortly after that,  the weather turned colder, and we discovered that our furnace was also broken. This time, my family only went a week without heat.  We were all glad to live in the south, where the furnace was only legitimately needed at night as well as first thing in the morning. I remember hiding under the blankets and hating to get up. Taking a shower with no heat in the house was pretty awful.   I was anxious to once again be going to school, only because of the furnace this time. And when my family finally had a working furnace again, I was just as excited as when the air conditioner started working.

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Older HVAC equipment did not work as good

I grew up in the  Southern part of the county, and in the Wintertime it doesn’t get super  cold.  I recall when my family moved an apartment into our first house, and the air conditioning system didn’t work for over a week.  Since we had just spent money on the house, my family didn’t have the money to get it fixed.  The outside temperature was over a hundred degrees almost every day that week.  I started fifth grade not too long after we moved in and I was so happy to be able to be anywhere with a working air conditioning system for most of the day. I remember coming home from school and noticing that all of the windows were open.  I was hoping that this would make the house  cooler, but it didn’t. I was extremely thankful once my dad got the air conditioning system working again. I was finally able to sleep at night again. I never truly appreciated the air conditioning system until the repairman came to the house and got it working properly again. Then wintertime came and the furnace failed to turn on.  This time, we went only a few days or so without heat.  I was super thankful to live down south, where the furnace was only needed at night and first thing in the morning. I remember bundling up under heavy blankets and not wanting to get up in the morning. The horrible moment when I would throw back the covers and feel the ice cold floor was the worst.  I was really relieved to once again be spending my day at  school, only for the furnace this time.  When we finally had a working furnace again, I was just as happy as when the air conditioning system got repaired.

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The military blues

I joined the military about 10 years ago. It has really been an amazing experience to get to see all the working parts and be a part of that. I have been blessed and was given a very unique career path that has allowed me to work with top secret teams. I don’t do a lot of the top secret stuff, but I get to know a lot about what’s going on. The military is very self-sufficient. If they need anything they usually have a branch that handles it themselves. For instance, any time something breaks, we usually have a number that we call for a certain company that will fix it. I am in change of that in our office, so I’m fairly versed on maintenance protocols. One summer, our air conditioner broke in our office. We are apparently on a priority building for HVAC maintenance because our building has no windows. Due to the top secret facility, we can’t have any windows. So we have our own HVAC Company that comes and fixes everything for us. I gave the HVAC technician a call and told him how hot it was in our building. He came the next day to inspect our ductless HVAC system and air conditioner. A few years back has air conditioner installation specialists come and install both the heating and cooling supplies. It has been good until now when the HVAC tune-up special warranty has run out. Now I have to get special clearance to sanction the funds for the project. It’s a hassle, but overall I’m proud to do what I can do for our country. commercial-hvac-unit

The old heating and air system

I was raised in a Southern state, where even in the winter it wasn’t all that cold.  I remember when my family moved into a new house, and the air conditioner  didn’t function for almost a week.  Since we had just bought a new house, our Mom didn’t have the money to get the air conditioner fixed.  Unfortunately, it was over a hundred degrees almost every morning that week.  I started seventh grade right after we moved in, and I was gleeful to be able to go someplace with a working a/c system for most of the day. I remember getting off the bus at home, and seeing that  all the windows were open.  While most people believe that opening windows makes it cooler, it doesn’t. I was so delighted once my Mom was able to get the a/c system fixed.  At last, I was able to sleep through the night again. I never knew how much I took have air conditioning for granted until the HVAC technician came into the house and got the cooling equipment working again.  When the winter weather arrived, we were not happy to discover that the heating system did not work.  My family went a whole week without heat.  At that point, I was just relieved to live in an area where the heating system was only needed at night plus first thing in the morning. I remember bundling up under heated blankets and not wanting to take a shower. The moment when I would step out of the shower and feel the cold air was the worst.I was thankful to once again be going to spend the day in school, only for the heating system this time. And when my mom was finally able to get the heating system repaired and working properly again, I was just as gleeful as when the a/c system got fixed.

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