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Scuba diving

It was the afternoon on a sunny day, and I was diving into the ocean for the very first time in a scuba suit. My father had purchased scuba lessons for me for Christmas from this past year, which I couldn’t use until the summer. But it was always something that I’ve wanted to do. And so,  I went ahead and decided to sign up this year with my gift certificate. When I got to the bottom of the ocean floor, I saw multiple sea urchins. They were scattered everywhere, like time bombs on a video game. It felt amazing being able to breathe under water. Afterwards, when we were at the shore, I dreaded the part where I needed to walk back into the air conditioning and change into my regular clothes. The water evaporating off your skin gets so cold when you’re indoors and there is a good quality cooling system. This is why it’s pertinent, in my opinion, to have HVAC zone control. This way when you’re getting out of the shower or when you’re getting out of a hot tub, you don’t have to worry about getting out and the A/C freezing you into place. This time, I dealt with the cold since I knew it was coming. All I had to do was keep a towel wrapped around me, and pretend I was sitting in front of a furnace in my head. But after this, I told myself, I would not put myself into a position without readily available HVAC conditions that suit my individual needs.

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My brother’s ride

One of my favorite things to do is to go out and eat with my brother.  While growing up we were always hanging out and doing stuff together and were basically inseparable.  We were just a little more than a year apart in age and had many of the same interest.  One of our favorite things that we do now is we go out and eat.  We love being able to sit down and not worry about anything and just enjoy a good meal and some great conversation.  Recently we went out to eat and had yet another really good time.  I ate a very delicious hamburger and my brother ate some ribs which he really seemed to enjoy.  One of the coolest parts of our evening together was the car ride.  We decided to take his car and I have to admit that I had a great time not having to worry about doing any of the driving.  His car had the ability to start while being outside of the vehicle and this included being able to adjust the temperature and to get it ready for when we got in the car.  I thought that it was such a neat feature existed.  That means that when it it cold outside then he has the ability to warm up the ar before getting into it and likewise when it is hot he can turn on the air conditioner and have it ready for him when he ready to ride.  He has complete control over the air conditioner and the heating system in the car and that makes it very convenient.  It made me really want to have a vehicle that has total control over the air conditioner and heating both inside and outside of the car. HVAC installation

Memories of my life

When I was young, I had a boyfriend that was head over heels for me. He did everything he could to make me happy, and I was a tough one to handle. I actually made it as the most likely person to march to their own beat in the yearbook for my senior year of highschool, He would chase me down in the middle of the night when I used to be awake, writing and drawing relentlessly, and we would go to the woods to enjoy the outdoors. Most people would be scared of the woods in the dark, but we loved the enchanting composure it had, and the feeling of being excited. By the morning, we were usually at his house, loving the luxurious air conditioning after a night spent in the heat of the outdoors. The air ducts moved the cool air to my cheeks, and I thought of how much I truly did appreciate the ability to use modern day HVAC technology. By the morning, nobody knew differently of whether we had ever left our rooms at night, because we’d be in class, enjoying the climate control inside those rooms as well. It was so satisfying to be able to relax in a temperature controlled environment after being awake all night in a primal setting. I tried to convince my math teacher one day to let me manipulate the thermostat, but she refused completely. She would not admit where the thermostat was in the building for anything, no matter how hard I tried. There were so many kids that wanted access to climate control at the time, and she knew it too. Oh, to be a teenager again.

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Something I’ve never had the tolerance for is laziness. As a member of public services for the local government in my town, I go in and out of a lot of other people’s houses. Now, I am not one to believe that if your house is messy, you are messy and inept. No, I feel that the house being a little messy just shows that it’s been lived in, and that you don’t have OCD. However, when it comes to taking care of your basic responsibilities as an adult, it blows my mind how some people can just blatantly ignore their need to do so. I couldn’t figure out why one of my client’s houses smelled like dirt, and was overly humid. I called a local HVAC provider to check their system. When the air conditioning service man arrived, the very first thing he did was check the air filter. When he revealed it, he gasped with surprise. It looked like this client’s HVAC unit hadn’t been serviced once in its life. After some testing, the A/C technician revealed that the blower motor inside the system was pulling a lot of amps trying to suck through the nasty filter. It was wearing out the part and making their energy costs for this house go through the roof. I asked my client why he had never took the time to change his air filter, and he told me he didn’t think it could get that bad. The HVAC technician was nice enough to sit down and explain to him what is required in taking care of your central heating and air, and that he was probably overpaying his electric company for the past several years. But it’s things like this that just outright confuse me about the way people think.

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A new inventor

As a past volunteer for the Humane Society where my mother is employed, I have thought of all different types of inventions that would suit taking care of all types of domestic animals. One example is the cat car. You place your cat in it as a small kitten, which would allow them to utilize their curiosity, pulling strings controlling the rolling “vehicle”  surrounded by bumpers. This would teach cause and effect early on, improving your cat’s behavior. I also thought of a device that would “memorize” the length of multiple pets’ nails, that would both store this memory, as well as edit itself as needed, cutting automatically. My favorite invention by far, however, is the portable kennel with implemented HVAC features. It would by no means substitute as a humane place to “home” your pets permanently. However, the cooling system and adverse heating system which are in this downsized unit would keep your dogs as warm or cold as they like no matter the season. The way it would work, is its thermostat would be a type of smart thermostat, controllable from your smartphone while you are away, in case of weather changes. The HVAC system would be on the “auto” setting to use either the A/C feature or the electric heat strips within in order to adjust the temperature as needed. The kennel door would be insulated from the outside, with an auto-airtight-seal so they can come and go as they please, laying in the HVAC-controlled airspace, without running up your electric bill. The kennel in its largest size would only be about the width of a small bathroom, and half as tall. The funds you would save over time, especially in combination with a smart thermostat for your home, would be simply unfathomable.

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HVAC tips you can use

The internet is chock full of weird nowadays. Not that it was always filled great information, but the amount of garbage in there now is actually quite amazing. A lot of what’s posted on websites is just clickbait to earn someone a quick dollar or two. Many of the things you might come across daily were not designed for your enjoyment or to even save you time. They were simply made to appear as good information so you would press it. Because reliable information can be so difficult to acquire these days, especially when it comes to tips you can actually use like the proper use of appliances at your residence, I will explain a tip you can use in your home this summer season. If you’re like me, we will all run our air conditioner all summer season. Practically everyone needs to do this because the temperature outside may get so darn warm. While the air conditioning is super relaxing, it’s definitely far from cheap. An inefficient HVAC system will set you back so much more money than is necessary for a cool, comfortable. In order to protect your units come early summer and to save a substantial amount of money, It is best to use this one simple trick. Before you leave for work each day, close every curtain and every single blind within your house. This may sound like extra work that could not actually pay off, but I promise you that hot sunshine will raise the temperature of a house by several degrees during the period of 24 hours. If you take this little tip of mine, I guarantee you will save dollars and extend the lifespan of your cooling equipment.


Ice fishing

Fishing is a favorite pass time of my friends and me. We take fishing trips all the time and have a great time. Something about sitting with friends and having a good time while waiting for that moment that a fish tugs at your line, leading up to the struggle of reeling it in without snapping your line and losing it is an amazing experience. We eat what we catch too so we are very congratulatory about a fish being caught which makes the catch even better. Last year one of my buddies suggested we try ice fishing. Winter is a depressing time for everyone, that’s a known fact, but even more so for people like us who had a passion that we only enjoyed during the summer. We all quickly agreed and scheduled a trip. It was terrible. We got the drill and made the hole and began fishing but we didn’t last very long. No matter the fact that we were all bundled up, the elements defeated us and we left after not even an hour with no fish caught. This year we are more prepared. We have a hut rented and it has a space heater inside. We thought this was dangerous because the ice would melt but the man that rented it to us assured us it wasn’t and explained how to use it so that the ice melting wasn’t an issue. We had a much better time with a heated shelter and not being exposed to the elements. The only difference now was instead of camping and eating our fish there, we had to bring them home to eat.HVAC system repair

My new heated floors

We have a second living room in our basement. It’s awesome to have when we invite friends over. The only difference is that there’s a foosball table and a pool table downstairs, along with a fridge and two freezers. We had a flood a few years ago, and had to rip up the rug. There’s just a cement floor that my dad painted gray. It’s always cold, but I never wear socks and shoes around the house. It’s bothersome to always be walking around downstairs and my feet get quite cold, and knowing guests probably feel the same. We spend a lot of time down there, too. I should ask my dad about getting heated floors. The heat rises in houses, and our basement just stays constantly cool. We keep heaters and have a great heating system for the house but heated floors would be perfect for the cold days when you go downstairs to hangout. I’d never worry about my feet or my guests’ feet getting cold. I think I’d actually invite a lot more people over, and people would want to come just for the heated floors. If you’re spending long periods of time downstairs you probably wouldn’t even need to keep the heat in the house on. The heated floors would keep your body warm. After we get done plowing and shoveling in the winter, the downstairs would be great with the heated flooring too. You can sit down and enjoy the warmth under your feet. The more I think about this idea, the more anxious I’m getting to ask my dad.

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The central air had a refrigerant leak

When I moved into my house a few years back, I was pleased to find that it had a central air conditioner installed.  For my entire life, I have had to install air conditioning units in my windows, so you could say I was pleased with this upgrade to a central air conditioner.  For the first couple of years, the air conditioner served it’s purpose and made me happy.  My friends and family loved how cool and comfortable my home was.  But on the hottest day of the summer, my air conditioning unit stopped producing cool air.  I called my local HVAC technician as quickly as I could and had him stop over to take a look at my system.  Apparently my air conditioning system had sprung a refrigerant leak and would no longer be working appropriately.  I thought that the refrigerant could just be replaced, but my HVAC technician told me that because my refrigerant was so old, the new kind of refrigerant would not be compatible with the central air conditioning system.  My only option was to upgrade to an entirely new system, one that would take the new kind of refrigerant that would be better for the environment and would be much more cost effective.  Sure, a new air conditioning system would be pricey to install, but the system itself would also save me money in the long run and produce quality air in my home.  Of course, I had no other option if I wanted to continue to use a central air conditioning system in my home.

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A cool ending to the day

It was beautiful day outside. The sky was a brilliant blue, the sun was shining, and there was a soft breeze blowing. It was pretty hot, but it seemed like it would be a  great day for the beach. I packed up my chair, umbrella, a good book, and my cooler and headed down for a nice relaxing day. I swear, there was not one cloud in the sky. The weatherman said there was a 50 percent chance of rain, but I couldn’t see how that was possible. When I got down to the beach, it was fairly crowded, as I suspected it would be because it was such a beautiful day. I got my chair and umbrella set up, and just sat and stared at the water. It is so calming to just do nothing but enjoy salty air and listen to the waves. After a time, I noticed that many people started packing up to leave, and couldn’t understand why, until I looked behind me and saw these huge clouds quickly forming. I packed up, too, but it was too late, and I got caught in a terrible downpour. My clothes were soaked through by the time I got to my car. I had to turn off the air conditioner in my car because I was freezing from being all wet, and before I got home, I actually had to turn on the defroster because my windshield had gotten all fogged up. How funny to go from being so hot to being freezing in less than a half hour. When my husband went to drive my car later that night, he was confused as to why, on this hot day, I would have the heat on instead of the air conditioning.

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