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We are ruining the furnace

I spent the first twenty-five years of my life down south, and I am very familiar with excessive heat and humidity.  In my childhood home, we typically ran the air conditioner about eleven months of the year, and we never went without a whole-home dehumidifier.  I know how to combat the problems that go along with hot, sticky weather, such as mold and mildew.  When I took a job up north, I was excited to move and experience something new.  I had only seen snow in the movies, and it looked so beautiful and clean.  I couldn’t wait to buy warm sweaters, drink hot chocolate by a roaring fire, and play in the snow.  The reality of living up north is much different than I imagined.  When the outside temperature drops to twenty below zero, there is no way to keep warm.  Wearing several sweaters, a wool coat, heavy boots, knitted hat, and gloves isn’t sufficient to keep warm.  Building a fire is a nightmare of dirty wood, ashes, and fumes, and I would prefer to simply crank up the thermostat.  I run my furnace nonstop, and I spend a fortune every month on energy bills.  Because the furnace is blasting at maximum capacity at all hours of the day, the air in the house is terribly dry.  I was getting shocks off everything I touched, my hair was frizzy, my lips chapped, and I suffered from frequent nosebleeds.  I found out that I needed to spend even more money to install a humidifier.  I absolutely hate stepping outside my heated house for any reason, but I am constantly required to shovel the driveway, brush off the car, and scrape ice off the windshield.  

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Regulating the temperature

I am determined to find the perfect location, and then, eventually, move there and be happy for the rest of my life.  I spend a lot of time traveling across the country.  I am currently searching for a paradise that offers ideal weather at all times.  I don’t mind a little bit of rain, but I don’t want to deal with seven days of straight steady downpour.  I am fine with a chill breeze in early mornings, but I don’t want to see frost on the ground.  I am determined to avoid temperatures that plummet below freezing or climb into the triple digits.  I never want to wear a wool coat, shovel snow, or scrape ice.  I hate sweating just standing still because of excess humidity.  I want to settle in a location where I never need to run either an air conditioner or a furnace.  I don’t even want to own an HVAC system.  I would prefer to regulate my temperature by opening the windows.  It would be especially wonderful if there were no bugs as well.  It would be such a pleasure to forget all about changing air filters, scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance, or dealing with sudden malfunctions.  I’d like to get the mail without dreading the possibility of an energy bill.  I’d like to be comfortable without paying a fortune for heating or cooling.  I don’t want to think about the fixing thermostat settings, caulking around windows, or weatherstripping around doors.  Where I currently live, I pretty much run the furnace and air conditioner all year round.  The weather is always a problem, a huge expense, and requires a great deal of work.  Unfortunately, despite my extensive traveling, I have yet to find that welcoming oasis where the weather is always perfect.

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Protecting my furnace

My basement is always wet, and if it rains, there is a danger of flooding.  Unfortunately, my water heater, washing machine, dryer, and heating system is located in the basement.  If the water level rises, it can cause major damage to these appliances.  I definitely don’t want to be forced to purchase a new furnace or laundry appliance every time there’s a thunderstorm.  I also worry about an electrical fire if flooding causes these appliances to short-circuit.  Because of the moisture, there is a very real threat of mold and mildew, which can result in structural damage and health hazards.  To combat these problems, I invested in the installation of a sump pump.  The sump pump handles the gradual accumulation of water in the basement, and protects against sudden flooding.  The sump pump, however, runs on electricity.  Since we often lose power during times of severe weather, I needed to spend even more money in order to have a backup generator installed.  The backup generator takes over in the event of a power failure, and supplies the necessary electricity to run the furnace, water heater, laundry appliances, and sump pump.  The sump runs to remove the water, which safeguards the condition of the furnace, water heater, washer and dryer.  I am amazed by the amount of money I have been required to spend, just to keep my household equipment operational.  Since I can’t get along without my water heater, furnace, and laundry appliances, I am left with no choice. I continue to spend money on regular maintenance from my HVAC contractor and plumber.  Sometimes, I think I would be better off renting an apartment and leaving all the worry and expense to a landlord.

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Paying for HVAC repairs

The first car I owned in high school will always stay in my mind as the worst car ever. I was desperate for freedom, and I just caved and bought it with my saved money. I took the money I received for Christmas and birthdays, and all the money I made working at summer camp. I took this money and bought the first car that was in my budget. Living where we were at the time it was tough to own a car like this. It never came with snow tires and the heater in the car was subpar to say the least. I couldn’t believe the amount of problems that happened within the first year that I owned it. I was working all the time it seemed to just pay for repairs. The heating and cooling in the car seemed to be the worst of it. In the summer I just wanted an air conditioner. But no matter how much I tried, the vents blew out warm air. In the winter, I had to go as far as purchasing a portable furnace. I had to rig an electric outlet so I could put an HVAC unit in my car. I think it‘s quite pathetic. Finally I bought a car with an air conditioner and heating that was better than the furnace. It came with an air conditioner maintenance package. So any time the heating and cooling breaks, it will be covered completely. This is a nice assurance so that I don’t have to worry about the repairs.

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My parents know about air conditioning

When I bought my first home, it was just a little condo in a big building downtown. It was very small, but it was all mine and I was so happy to be independent for the first time. My family helped me move in and my mom even gave me some of her favorite furniture to get me started. I didn’t realize she had kept the very first piece of furniture she and my dad had purchased when they were first married. It was a beautiful dining table made of mahogany. As we were moving boxes into my bedroom in the afternoon, we all noticed how hot the room was. The afternoon sun was blazing through the window, and I hadn’t gotten a window covering yet. I turned the thermostat down and my mom helped me cover the window with some thumbtacks and a heavy bedspread. However, later that evening, the room was still too warm. I checked the thermostat again, and it was set correctly. The AC had shut off, but the room seemed to never get cool enough. My mom called an HVAC service nearby and told me there certainly was a problem. I was not convinced I needed the service since I’d be putting in a ceiling fan anyway, but I let her have her way. When the tech arrived the next day, he took his time checking every part of the HVAC unit. He even changed the filter for me, which was so thick with dust and dirt he had to vacuum out the whole area. He said if I had continued to run the AC with that clogged filter, there would have been big expensive problems down the road. It turned out the thermostat was not working correctly, and he put in a new one in no time. When the AC turned on again, my bedroom cooled off nicely. My mom was right.

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There’s no air conditioner

When I was a child, I grew up in a hot rural area. My family was so large that we barely had enough money to take care of our bills, let alone buy a functional setup. Looking back at my childhood, that is one of the things that I wish that I had had. During the hot summers, nothing would have been better than a nice air conditioner. I remember being extremely jealous when I was at my cousin’s house and an HVAC technician arrived to install their new air conditioner. My uncle said that they had received a great deal from a HVAC business. Not having a great air conditioner was only half of our problem, during the cold weather, we didn’t even have a working heater. Well, we had one, but it would always break down whenever the temperature was too cold. I remember not having enough dollars to pay for furnace repair. Now that I am fully grown, I know that affording furnace service is not a problem, but I will never forget how hot the summers were and how cold the winters were, when I was a child. My siblings have all told me the same stuff over the past few years, it is really too bad. Fortunately, those years are far behind us and we all have fantastic HVAC systems in our place. Last Christmas, all of us kids pitched in and bought our dad the best air conditioner and furnace that money can buy; they were so thankful.

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The dog’s hair clogged my filter

My girlfriend has this dog that sheds all of the time. Anywhere the dog goes he’s leaving a trail of hair. It is like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs. I can literally find him anywhere. His hair is three colored as well. So no matter what you wear, you will see his hair. It really is awful to deal with on a constant basis. What is worse is that he is damaging my HVAC device. Your heating and cooling system naturally has an air filtration system. There are air filters in the unit to stop dust from entering the system. If the dust goes in the system it overheats and then will breakdown. The HVAC equipment will be damaged and need expensive repairs. So it is best to monthly clean out those filters to avoid all problems. I have to clean my air filter out every week. The dog’s hair somehow is getting into the air filtration system. I think there is so much hair circulating that it goes into the HVAC unit. I am worried about forgetting one week and having my whole unit breakdown. Who is going to pay for that? I should not have to since it is not my dog. I highly doubt my girlfriend would be cool reigning for an expensive replacement heating and cooling unit. So my solution is to get rid of the dog. My girlfriend is apparently too attached to him to get rid of him. We need to come to a solution fast though. I am not losing my HVAC.

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My HVAC unit needs a repair

My girlfriend Margaret and I moved into a new apartment in the city. We were really excited because of our new place has a gym and a pool. Our new flat also had two bathrooms and we have a HVAC unit. In our old place we had to pay for heating and cooling. What this meant is that we were always the wrong temperature. I used multiple space heaters in the winter and I used a window air conditioner for the summer. Now that HVAC is included in our rent, we can control our climate. We were so happy to finally use heating and cooling for once this year. Right now it is summer so for the first time we were going to use central air conditioning. The unit did not even start. It was our first day there and the HVAC unit was not functional. I was fully prepared to plug back in my window A/C but Margaret was not having it. She called the landlord right away and yelled at him that we payed for HVAC. A HVAC contractor came over and took apart our unit. He found a fork in the middle of our HVAC device. How could a fork get in a HVAC unit? The HVAC professional said the only way the can could get in there was if someone took apart the unit and shoved it in there. That meant the previous tenants intentionally tried to ruin the HVAC device. I am glad they failed on their endeavors but I am pissed about what they did.

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I’d like a newer heating system

My father is a apple farmer and has been one forever. It is a family profession, being an apple farmer. My brother david and I are expected after college to at least take up one farm. I have worked with apples all of my life. I have cut the plants, tied them, planted them and picked them. The picking process is the hardest and most crucial. My father makes his entire living in about three months worth of picking. So when picking season starts, david and I come to help. Where my dad needs help is running the grape pickers. The pickers take the berries off the vines and put them in boxes. The berries the go in the boxes to different companies. My dad has a lot of pickers, but only a few have heating systems. The newest and most advanced pickers have heating and cooling, a radio and a roof. The older pickers have no HVAC, no radio and they are uncovered. My brother and I fight endlessly who is going to get the picker with superior HVAC. Picking season starts in the fall. Where I live the fall weather is always very cold. Some Days will get a an amount of sunlight. Most of the time though, you want a heating system in your picker. So david and I fight over who is getting the best picker. I feel I deserve it since I am oldest and been picking longer. David always tries to take it and drive off before I see it. The heating system makes a difference for picking apples.

A dangerous looking radiator

When my husband and I moved our oldest son into his first apartment, we were not happy with the building or the location.  The neighborhood was dangerous, and was very rundown.  My son and a friend rented out the upper apartment of the seedy house on a street near the college.  When we carried my son’s things inside, I was afraid the stairs would collapse.  The whole apartment was in terrible condition.  The tub was rust-stained, and the toilet tank was cracked.  The refrigerator door needed to be latched shut with a bungee cord, and the lights flickered anytime something was plugged in.  There were creepy stains all over the carpet, and the floor was sunken. Although feature of the apartment that made me most fearful was the ancient radiator.  There was no other form for HVAC in the apartment except for a dangerous-looking heater in the living room.  That heater had to be over fifty years old, and I don’t believe it had ever been cleaned or professionally serviced.  When it ran, the radiator got very hot and smelled strange.  Starting it required a lighter and a lot of patience.  All the winter long, I was scared that the radiator would cause a fire.  I worried about my son freezing in his room.  I finally bought him a carbon monoxide detector, because I was concerned that radiator would poison him.  While the rent on that apartment was very cheap, I don’t think it was worth it.  I was relieved when my son chose to move after 6 months.  Although his second apartment was not much of an improvement, at least the HVAC system was not possible threat to his life.  


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