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I would like to switch out my air conditioner

The other day, I found a puddle on the kitchen floor, and I blamed the new puppy. I cleaned it up, and some hours later, there was a new puddle. It didn’t take long for me determine that my water cooler was leaking. I had to eliminate the water bottle, unplug the model, and call the water company. They brought me a fresh water cooler and work it the next day. That very same day, I had an HVAC technician come to the house to service my heater. He inspected all the key components, tightened the wiring, and also performed safety checks. On exactly the same day, I had two technicians from the cable company inside my living room, crawling close to my porch roof, installing a dish for our tv set. There was a lot of activity going on, and I was anxious to turn my house back to it’s normal state. It was nice when the many service tasks were done, and most of my appliances were working correctly. That night, I started experiencing a strange, high-pitched sound in the house. It took a while to locate the source and I was worried that there was clearly some problem with my furnace. The technician had said that it looked good, but my heating system is quite old. My television is very new, and I was really hoping it wasn’t making that irritating whistle. I found that it was the h2o cooler screeching, and I needed to get another unit. I was so relieved that the HVAC system and the new tv were fine, that I didn’t mind setting up another appointment to exchange the damaged cooler.

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I need another appointment

Really, it is easy to forget when the last product in a line of technology was launched. For example, I can never remember that I am now due for a mobile phone upgrade. My carrier allows me to capitalize with a discount every two years and buy a new phone. Sometimes, it feels as if those two years fly by but on other times it drags on forever. I suppose this depends on if you are happy with your phone at that time. If you like your cell phone, you’re not going to want to get a new one quite as bad, after all. If you are unhappy using your phone, you will be counting down the seconds. I think this applies to other styles of technology as well. For a long time, my home’s HVAC equipment seemed to be controlled by an old dial thermostat on the lounge room wall. I never felt that this device was holding us back, so I never truly considered upgrading. That was until an HVAC technician arrived to my home for a regular service appointment one afternoon. While he was inspecting our unit, he took one look out the outdated thermostat and chuckled. He told me he could upgrade that unit for a very fair price and listed the main advantages of having a modern thermostat. I took his advice and I couldn’t be happier now! My heater and air conditioner are in better hands with this new thermostat and it makes me feel much more confident within my entire system. I will keep better a record of my HVAC equipment from this aspect forward.

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I love the music room I built

As a young kid, I will admit to you that I wasn’t always fair to my mom and dad. When you are a young person, it feels natural to get frustrated with all your parents and feel as though they just don’t understand you. I know I was awful to my mom and dad at times during those annoying teen years. Now as a mother or father myself, I try to remember this fact in relation to my own kids. I was recently berated by my child, he said to stop being cheap and find the cooling equipment and have it fixed in our house. At first, I just chalked it up to him being annoyed by something completely different and he was simply taking his frustration from me. However, I got to thinking for 2 or 3 days after our little encounter. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that we should have the HVAC equipment totally upgraded. I got together with my personal HVAC provider and ultimately decided on a fresh system. This modern equipment gave us the capacity to control temperatures in multiple suites. It was the best option for people like us, as a family. I know my son appreciates it because the guy can now control the cooling and heating equipment in his own space without it affecting the remainder of our home. I love our new setup and have no intentions of letting it get worn down. I will schedule routine maintenance for doing this soon. Overall, I love everything about it and my family is happier as a direct result.

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Sleeping comfortably

I’m the sort of person that is always feeling uncomfortably cold regardless of the season. Even in the summer, the slightest breeze will always make me shiver. I always keep a lengthy sleeve shirt on hand plus a jacket in my car. You can never be too prepared, my friend. I recall one year, spring was in season, we were ready for the sunny summer, it was May, when abruptly there was snow again. I learned a very real lesson, since the summer is difficult for us, you can imagine that the cold winter month is a real struggle. People have informed me to move south, but I enjoy my job and would miss my loved ones. So unless I’m sitting near a heater, I’m always running around in an attempt to keep my blood pumping. My home has a pretty nice HVAC system, so I stay relatively comfortable in there. My sister is kind of the opposite and in actuality, she likes the thermostat set very low. Luckily our house has a whole new climate control system that allows a lot of flexibility and compromise for our desires. The HVAC zone control offers us four separate areas to do business with, so the furnace is set in order for my office and the dinner room are kept nice and warm for us. Then my wife keeps the thermostat in the living room and our bedroom a little cooler. I don’t mind the lack of heat in the bedroom since I’m only in that room to sleep and we have many blankets. I do keep a secret space heater in the bathroom but my wife doesn’t have to know that.

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Road trips!!

The blower motor resistor is a large component in a vehicle’s heating, ventilation plus a/c.  The blower motor pushes the sizzling or cold air through ducting plus the interior vents.  The resistor is the component that deals with the speed of the blower fan by reducing voltage going to the fan.  It deals with the variation of the amounts of the blower motor.  It lets you stop the amount of air that comes into the interior car, instead of just letting a blast of sizzling or cold air the highest possible setting.  The blower motor resistor is put in place between the vehicle’s heating system or a/c controls plus the blower motor.  It is now found connected beneath the dash.  There are multiple key types of blower motor resistors.  The wire style is proper for older cars plus uses peculiar sized coils of wire for each fan speed.  Types of blower motor resistors are found in more modern cars plus utilize a circuit board.   For the vast types of vehicles, the highest setting for heating or a/c bypasses the resistor altogether, giving the fan full electric power.  If the blower still operates on big settings, however won’t operate on any other amounts, there is entirely a problem with the resistor.  After the resistor draws a great deal of power from the electrical system, it gets quite  hot.  A blower resistor can melt a portion of the wiring plus then fail to do its job respectfully.  It is not super bad to upgrade a poor blower resistor as a do-it-yourself plan. Especially If you have a screwdriver or a wrench, you can unbolt the resistor from the Heating plus Air Conditioning vents.

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Fixing the internal parts

My friend Polly and I were on a road trip heading to the north when the air conditioner system in the car quit.  The car was ancient, with a ton of miles on it, and it was in unquestionably rough shape.  There was a problem with the muffler, making the car severely noisy.  One of the windows wouldn’t go down and there was a tear in the windshield.  The seats were torn, there was a gross spot in the floor, and Polly and I had a broken headlight. Polly and I were able to live with all of these troubles.  The air conditioner device was a crucial component.  The outside temperature was in the upper nineties with brutal humidity.  The inside of the car felt as if it was an oven. Polly and I needed to find a business who was willing to job on the car right away.  Polly and I also hoped that the service wouldn’t be all that much.  Polly and I were traveling on a honestly tight budget.  Polly and I could only afford to eat 1 snack a day, and both of us spent most night time in the car.  When the mechanic checked the air conditioner system, the guy told us that the concern was with the resistor.  The guy needed to totally upgrade the resistor.  That sounded disappointing and both of us figured both of us would not be able to do it.  Polly and I were pleasantly surprised that a malfunctioning resistor is a small concern and not a complex repair.  The mechanic was super great, and managed to fix up the resistor within a couple of hours.  The guy also did us the favor of replacing our broken headlight for no charge.


Moisture levels

My 73 year old mother is constantly trying to keep up with the new technology.  She does have an iphone but cannot text. She has an ipad but cannot remember how to turn it on.  She recently bought a hi-tech thermostat. She wants to save money on her energy bills.  She had contacted an HVAC company and they told her she was wise to get the newest thermostat.  However they never explained how it worked, or, offered installation. I would like to call that company and say “Thanks a lot”.   My mother called me and asked for my help.  The first thing I did was to explain what an app was and how an app worked with her smartphone. Next, I downloaded the app and installed the thermostat.  The thermostat works with her internet, which is terrible.  After multiple attempts, I finally was connected.  Good to go!  Now my wife and I attempted to explain how the device worked.  How to raise and lower temperatures and how the device lets you know when the humidity and air filter needs changing.  It was a disaster!  I really believe that my mom is incapable of understanding or using the new innovative hi-tech thermostat designed to save money on her energy bills.  I know this, I do not plan to be the hi-tech technician for the new thermostat.air and heat

Major structure damage

I ended up calling my mother, she and I are going to remove the ducts and get them out from behind the walls. Each summer I have one home project that I enjoy  I pick one room and I do a total renovation including removing the walls and replacing the drywall. I hire a local electrician to install the electrical outlets.  We buy new rugs, furniture and lamps.  For this summers project we decided on the living room. While working on taking down the walls I found ductwork.  I was astonished to find air ducts in the house.  I had no idea that they existed.  For as long as we have lived in our home we have not needed any central air.  We have always kept cool during the hot weather with fans and window A/C units.  Never have we found it necessary to discuss cooling with an HVAC company.  As for heat, our central fireplace is more than adequate.  At one time, there was a heating system in the basement.  The conversation of central air and ductwork was never discussed.  Now, I am wondering about money.  Removing ductwork cannot be that difficult.  Should I go into town and purchase tools to remove the ducts?  I thought about hiring an HVAC technician, but that could be costly and more than I am willing to spend.  I am a bit worried to attempt the removal on my own.  Anything could happen.  What if I caused permanent damage?  I called my Mom and she suggested that she and I could easily remove the ducts.

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Nobody likes the cold air

Many folks are going green today.  They go green in many things.  One  can ride a bike to work or jog to your job. Folks are recycling to improve our environment. Even heating and cooling your home can be green. Solar Power is alternative energy that can furnish your heating needs.. They rely on the sun to heat their installed panels.  The panels in turn supply energy to their homes.. Of course, solar power works best in hot and sunny climates. A heat pump system is another energy efficient HVAC similar system.  You can be green and efficient by installing a heat pump, as long temperatures don’t drop lower than forty degrees. The heat pump can be so efficient since it uses heat energy already around you. It either pumps in heated air to your home or pumps it out. That is the heating and then the cooling function. It is one system that could do both jobs. This is efficient and and sounds like a dream come true. How great, it uses direct sunlight and air that is outside the house. But what about people up north who live in cold climates ? Are solar panels and heat pumps efficient for them?. Is bike riding or walking a good idea in ice and snow and cold?  So sorry everyone, I will not be going green at all. I will use my gas furnace to my heart’s content and drive my toasty warm car everyday.

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My basement flooded!

My town is considered a flood zone. Each year, no matter the season, we experience flooding. Winter snowfall can produce great quantities of snow. Springtime brings about the melting of the snow piles producing sporadic flooding in some areas. In summer, rain storms are frequent.and some flooding occurs. There have been times when the entire town is awash in water.  My home is in the heart of the flood zone. A few times, I have experienced water damage from flooding, and you would think that I would be cognizant of the fact that I live in a flood zone.  However we had not had a flood in over 3 years and I discounted the possible flood risks.  I need a new HVAC system and I had the system installed in my basement, replacing the old one. The new HVAC system is a combination heating and hot water supply for the entire home  The new system was very  expensive but, I felt,  totally worth the expenditure.  Most boilers function well for 50 plus years, or more.  I felt certain that the new system would last a very long time.  As one would have it, the relentless rains returned and flooded our town and my home.  My basement and my new system were submerged in flood water.  I knew I needed to locate a good HVAC repair service that would be able to fix the heating system and get it working again.  I know this is going to be expensive and costly.

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