Is there anything in the world more fun than playing fantasy football? Unlike regular football, you can’t get injured or pass out from heat exhaustion. But I should start at the beginning. You see, a few neighborhood friends and I decided to start up our own fantasy football league. Every person would kick in twenty bucks, and then at the end of the season the winner took the whole pot. Not a huge amount of money, but it also came with bragging rights which was worth more than money. We held the draft at my house, and that was the day the central heating went out. Even worse, it wasn’t just my house, a neighborhood wide blackout had killed the HVAC heating systems in all of our homes! We could still do the draft because of our smart phones, but doing it without a furnace really took a lot of the fun out of it. We had lots of cold beer and snacks, but with no heater who wanted a cold drink? One of the guys went home and brought back an old space heater. He didn’t realize it was an electric space heater, so it was useless. Finally someone found a gas heater in their garage and set it up for us, so we could relax. Not ten minutes later the power came on, and yet my furnace was still cold. It turned out a power surge that caused the blackout also fried the smart thermostat. But I waited until after we finished the draft to call the HVAC repair service.

space heater