How on earth do all of us have such deranged concerns as air cooling plus heating concerns in our current air travel times. I travel more than my tolerable share for my job. It gets to be boring and tedious undoubtedly fast, especially as an aged traveler you have to deal with fewer aged travelers plus there is a serious lack of basic concern on the plane to boot. I am paying a fortune for some of these airlines, plus I choose to fly company class in order to get some amount of job down on the flight. These recent afternoons company class is what economy used to be now that they are trying to go ahead and squeeze more seats onto planes. So I am already crowded plus sleepy. I just so happen to be dressed in my company suit for I have a meeting directly off the plane, so I am not comfortable for this flight in the least. You can imagine my outrage when I go to turn on my personal air plus nothing actually comes out! It’s terrible enough that the air is all recycled plus processed through air filters. Additionally, I am sure that those filters haven’t seen a change in the light of day. I mean, don’t they have any HVAC regulations intended to maintain plus upgrade their system on a familiar basis? Consider the number of people who go ahead and travel on a bi-weekly basis? It’s constant germ fest filtering through the already aged air cooling plus the older furnace on the plane. It makes us sick thinking about it! I asked the kind stewardess if it was any unusual in first class plus she said sadly no– the plane was on the way out plus newer ones were coming to the airline soon, that they were choosing not to doing any HVAC upgrades. I just don’t fully understand how that is legal.

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