Honestly, do all of us have such absurd complications as air cooling and heating complications when we are in our current air travel times. I travel more than my fair share for work. It gets seasoned really fast, and especially as a seasoned traveler you have to deal with less seasoned travelers and then also with basic complications on the plane to boot. I am paying a fortune for some of these airline tickets and I honestly choose to fly company class in order to get some amount of job down on the flight. These days it seems as though company class is what economy used to be now that they are trying to squeeze more seats onto the various planes. So I am already crowded and extremely weary at this point. I am dressed in my company suit for I have a meeting directly off the plane, so obviously I am not comfortable in the least. You can imagine my outrage when I go to turn on my overheard personal air and nothing comes out! It’s terrible enough that the air is all recycled as well as heavily processed through air filters that I am sure haven’t seen a change in the light of day. I mean, can’t this airline have any Heating, Ventilation, and A/C regulations to maintain and replace their system on a typical basis? Consider the number of people who travel on a weekly basis? It’s constant germ festival filtering through the already seasoned air cooling and gas furnace on the plane. It makes myself as well as a number of others sick thinking about it! I asked the stewardess if it was any different in terms of the air in first class and she said to me sadly that’s not the plane was on it’s way out and newer version of planes coming to the airline soon, that they were choosing not to do any Heating, Ventilation, and A/C replaces. I just don’t understand how that sort of thing is legal.

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