I have three daughters and I am a single mom. I work full time and have to take care of the kids as well. It is hard to say the least. I barely have time to myself and I am constantly busy.  My parents as well as two brothers live a few hours away, so I don’t have any family around to help Things can get quite stressful. When our cooling system started making loud noises a few weeks ago, I ignored the problem. I was really hoping the problem would just go away on its own. I know I am not that lucky, but just this once, I was really hoping. I was wrong, the cooling system started blowing hot air. The air filter was pretty new, so I knew it wasn’t the problem. I tried to adjust the control unit as well as run some diagnostic tests on our air filter before calling the heating and A/C technician to come take a look. I really don’t have the money for HVAC repair but I need a working system to keep my girls happy and healthy. When I turned on the cooling setting, sizzling hot air blew through the vents.The opposite happened when I turned on the heater–cool air blew out! When the mechanic finally came, she instantly knew what the issue was with the HVAC system. Thankfully, she knew what she was doing. She found problems with the wiring inside the thermostat and made a few quick fixes. After only a few minutes, our A/C unit was back to normal. Because the fix of the electrical wires inside the thermostat was so easy, the HVAC technician only charged me a small fee.

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