I made the decision to get in shape and lose weight. I wanted to tone up before summer rolled around. To start, I purchased all the items I’d need to start a healthy lifestyle change. I read some great material online, and tried out a couple smoothie recipes, which guaranteed to boost my energy, improve overall health, and assist the metabolism. I blended the spinach, bananas, guava, plus some chia seeds. I also had kale to substitute for the spinach. I really like eating my fruits and vegetables, but I didn’t consider blending them all together with some water and ice. Another thing I didn’t realize, was that when you boost your metabolism you tend to get all hot and overheated. I experienced this during my first smoothie detox. I could recognize feel my entire body becoming flushed, and it felt like my heater was running on high. When I checked the thermostat, it said it was only seventy four degrees inside. There was no heat coming from any of the vents. I examined my own body temperature, because I thought that I had a fever. When I found out that I was fine, I found a portable fan and turned it on. My hubby found me sweating in my office with the ceiling fans on high and a portable fan directly pointed at me. He also noticed that I turned our thermostat to sixty degrees. He immediately started laughing and asked if I was okay. I sat there drinking my smoothie snack, covered in sweat away. He told me that my metabolism boost was finally kicking in. He made me adjust the thermostat back to our normal seventy four degrees.

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